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Together with Nature

Kodaikanal Royal Hotel is best home stay in Kodaikanal which provide the right ambience to relax and enjoy your momorable days.Kodaikanal Royal Hotel is best home stay in Kodaikanal which provide the right ambience to relax and enjoy your momorable days. How rewarding and delightful it would be to feast your eyes with splendid and attractive scenery around! We hope "KODAI HOTEL ROYAL" could be your priority! This hotel has all the luxury to the satisfaction of the visitors and tourists, added with a fascinating view of the vast hill slopes around and an open balcony decorated with flower-pots. Please take a refreshing break from the monotony of crowded dust-polluted city life and spend a perfect holiday-trip in this "Queen of the Hill-Stations", enjoying scenic nature-trails.


Few Words About Kodaikanal

kodaikanal The first European to visit Kodaikanal was Lt. B.S. Ward a surveyor in the year 1821. His Head Quarters was Vellagavi village. There were many American missions in South Tamil Nadu. The foreigners could not bear the oppressive heat in Tamilnadu and they faced sickness from epidemic diseases and consequential deaths. They wanted neat and healthy natural surroundings near Madurai to rest and improve their health. They were happy to find from the report of Lt. B.S. Ward about the hills with wonderful climate and easy accessibility from Madurai & Periyakulam. Many English and American missionary people visited Kodaikanal through various routes. Notable among them are J C Wroughton -Sub Collector, C R Cotton Judge and Dr. Weight. Dr.Fane built two houses in 1845 in the lake road. More houses were built by British Govt. The American Missionaries moved in and built a lot of dwellings in the southern side which is still there and now called 'Sunny Side' and 'Shelton' . In the year 1860, the first church was built jointly by the Bishop. American Madurai Mission built the union church in 1895. From year 1860, there was all round improvement due to the visit of several dignitaries. Roman Catholics came, purchased a bungalow for Jesuit fathers, as rest house which is now called La Providence in upper shoal road. Governors of Madras Sir Charles Travelyon and Lord Napier visited in the years 1860 and 1871. One major JM Partridge of the army introduced Eucalyptus and wattle trees in the year 1867. Bier Leverage, collector of Madurai lived in Pamhar house after his retirement. Only through his tireless efforts and initiative the man-made Kodaikanal lake, the foremost attraction of the tourists was formed. He arranged boat rides in the lake. He planned and executed several approach roads to Kodaikanal. He introduced several foreign trees and vegetables such as Pine Forms and Pears. In the year 1872 Lt. Coaker cut a path along the ridge of steep south eastern side which commends a magnificant view of the plains below. The path was named after him as Coaker's Walk.
Area : 21.45 sq.kms
Population : 32,931 ( 2001Censes)
Altitude : 2,133 - Metres above sea level
RainFall : 165cms (average)
Temperature : Summer - 19.80째C Winter - 17.30째C
Best Season : April to June, and September to October, but can be visited throughout the year.
Cloth : Light woollens in the evening during summer and heavy woollens during winter.
Languages : Tamil and English
District : Dindigul
State : Tamil Nadu
ISD Code : + 91
STD Code : + 04542